Routing Technology and Attributes


Dual WAN Router Firewall

As business use of the Internet keeps increasing, there is growing demand for optimized performance of Wide Area Networks (WANs). Many technological concepts have emerged in the recent past, which improve WAN infrastructure and devices that carry forward the task of enhancing connectivity. One such device is the Dual WAN Router Firewall.

Multiple WAN Port Router

Our network-reliant world is endowed with a plethora of advanced technological gadgets and applications. The Wide Area Network (WAN) offers plenty of options to gratify the increasingly complex networking needs of a broad business customer base. The advances in technology continue to offer more WAN options. WAN communications efficiency is influenced by two major factors: bandwidth and latency. In order to ensure their effectiveness, various technological choices are analyzed and the best is adopted.

VPN Router

The information business era is characterized by the need for a global network of networks — the Internet — for e-commerce, everyday businesses, education, and many other purposes. In a competitive marketplace, business organizations require secure Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity to run their mission critical applications. The emphasis is on an Internet connection that has constant uptime and integrity.

Routing Optimization

Information Technology, in current times, is improving at an accelerating rate. Technology has enabled an exponential growth in almost all areas of business, well evidenced by the mushrooming of Enterprises, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Innovative applications, powered by advanced technology, have made organizations and individuals more organized, adept, and productive. With businesses largely depending on their Wide Area Networks (WANs) for commerce, information sharing, online services, etc., the necessity for optimizing applications to render maximum performance is imperative.