Configure Router

In today’s technologically-advanced environment, there has been an influx of technical products and devices that assist in fulfilling the requirements of a wide customer base that is reliant on the Internet for business, online services, communication, and data sharing, among others. Routers are network devices that forward packets of data towards a particular destination. It is used to connect to different networks through information exchange by routing to those networks. A router is located at the network connection point, which is called gateway. In order to configure routers, it is essential to know the attributes of the same.

Routing Protocol

The information superhighway is characterized by an influx of technology-based products and applications, which enormously boost the performance of businesses in today’s competitive global marketplace. The Wide Area Network (WAN) or Internet as the prime mode of information sharing and business determiner is looked upon as the “new age medium” that ensures business continuity and nurtures technological growth in all areas. Stable WANs are the backbone of communications and understanding and fortifying them against disruption is essential for business continuity considerations.

WAN Routers

The advances in information technology have opened avenues for a new line of Internet-dependent businesses. Online service is a crucial component for most of the businesses these days. The Wide Area Network (WAN) has spread its strong roots in the technological domain and made its presence felt in all areas of living. Along with it, many devices that assist in the overall network function increase the efficiency of the WAN infrastructure. Routers, Firewalls, switches, hubs, etc. are few of the components that are used in WAN networks.


The information age has spread its technological roots to the corners of the globe and has as its offspring a fierce and competitive cyber environment. Many products and devices are revolutionizing the marketplace with the increasing dependence on various Wide Area Networks (WANs) or more commonly, the Internet, for all forms of communication. A router is one of the integral components of a WAN setup. A Router is a device that forwards packets of data on the network. It is located at the connecting point of two or more networks, i.e. the gateways. A Router Connection facilitates file sharing between multiple computer systems. Routers establish connectivity within enterprises, between the Internet and enterprises, and within Internet Service Providers”(ISPs) networks. Large Enterprises employ large Routers, which interlink ISPs and are used within the ISP. A Multi Router is invariably used by those huge companies that have business continuity as their primary concern. Small Routers connect home office and businesses that are relatively smaller in size.

WAN Performance

Optimizing Wide Area Networks (WAN) Using Redundant Connectivity The world is entangled in an intricate web of technological progressions. Networks are increasingly being used for effective and speedy data sharing, commerce, and daily life applications. Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) are the popular types of networks that enable information transaction and communications. LAN WAN is most significant in the network infrastructure. While WAN is a geographically dispersed telecommunication network, LANs are spread over a small area such as a home, office, or group. A WAN connection is achieved through communication carrier devices including fiber lines, wireless, telephone lines, microwave links, and satellite channels. The Internet is the most popular and largest WAN. A WAN connection enables extensive scalability, which optimizes application performance. The most common LAN technologies include Ethernet over unshielded twisted pair cabling and Wi-Fi.