Router Types


Dual WAN (Gigabit) Router

Globally, the technology revolution is taking place at breakneck speed. Every single day, there are new developments surfacing in every field, especially in cyberspace. The emergence of the Internet as the primary means of business communications has necessitated technology and devices that ensure redundant and reliable WAN connections. In the recent past, there has been demand for maximum bandwidth and high availability of WANs, since these are the factors that determine business continuity.

Cable Router

The 1990s witnessed phenomenal developments in the technological domain, especially in networks and the Internet. Rapid changes with endless innovations, all powered by the Internet, are commonplace. In the beginning, Wide Area Networks (WANs) were looked upon as complex structures, and there were inhibitions of how best it could be used. These concerns soon melted when Internet usage became widespread. Many technological devices and products have been developed to accelerate the performance of WANs. Cable Routers were one of the developments that help to efficiently manage network traffic.

ADSL Router

The technological arm of the world has been extended to every nook and corner of the globe through the widespread use of the Internet. Businesses, corporate sectors, educational institutions, and homes are all engulfed by the Web. In such a scenario, certain key factors involved in the functioning and application of Wide Area Networks (WANs) are worth highlighting. Routers are those network devices that handle the task of routing messages between two or more networks. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) Router is a type of router, which is used to connect one or more computers to a data line in order to make use of ADSL services. It is an effective mode of data transmission, and is fast.

2 WAN Router

In today’s Web-reliant domain, there has been a steady and increasing demand for devices that offer stable and redundant Wide Area Networks (WANs). Businesses are increasingly reliant on WAN stability to meet their business continuity requirements, which hold the key to sales and profitability. In order to handle those tasks, and give WAN redundancy a boost, devices such as router, 2 WAN Router are all used. Routers are network devices that route and forward information between networks.