WAN Security

WAN-resource Information Technology (IT) has grown tremendously over the past few decades with new technology and solutions coming up incessantly. Corporations have come to rely on IT-based networks for conducting businesses. Since business sensitive data is being transmitted over a shared telecommunication infrastructure such as the Internet, Security is a major concern. Security is essential for systems, networks, and information. The most important of all, information security, refers to protection of information and information systems from unauthorized access and any disruption thereof. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability are the three core principles of information security. The critical nature of information that is shared over the network necessitates advanced technological security measures. Cryptography, authentication, encryption, access control, authorization, are some of the key security mechanisms that are used to secure information. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) uses cryptographic tunneling protocols, which encrypt data packets at one end, and decrypt at the receiving end, thereby securing the information to a level wherein even in cases of unauthorized access, the message is indecipherable. In the case of computer system security, firewalls, security crypto-processors, access control lists, secure coding, secure operating systems security by design, etc., are utilized. Companies can confidently conduct business over the networks if proper security mechanisms are in place.