WAN Monitoring

The digital age is armed with a powerful weapon “the Internet ” that is widely used to transmit mission-critical business applications for all business verticals, including financial, educational, healthcare, law firms, manufacturing, and others. Recent years have witnessed the mushrooming of companies and other businesses that are largely reliant on their Wide Area Networks (WANs) for general day-to-day business tasks and processes. Many Wide Area Network infrastructures get clogged with the amount of data traffic run at sites. To better manage WAN traffic and decrease bandwidthbottlenecking, one can employ a WAN monitoring system using efficient WAN monitoring software. Options such as accelerating, optimizing, and prioritizing the flow of data traffic is made available when WAN monitoring is executed.

With companies expanding their business operations to the ends of the globe, WAN links become lifelines of the communication process. Critical applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), etc., require a robust WAN infrastructure and high bandwidth availability. It is crucial to accelerate application performance across the WANs to ensure business continuity, which is the core of businesses. High throughput and productivity in business operations will be possible when the WAN links are stable and provide continuous uptime. WAN monitoring methods considerably analyze the state of the Internet connections, the availability of the WAN links, and seek to upgrade the same through reliable WAN monitoring software.

WAN monitoring is an imperative because it checks the WAN links that hold responsibility for connectivity. Connectivity is commonly between different branch offices of a large enterprise, different companies sharing resources and applications, remote locations, etc. Poor WAN links invariably result in failure of Internet connectivity, which ultimately lead to losses in productivity and revenue for the companies, and dissatisfaction to the clientele. WAN Monitoring software generally performs the following monitoring functions that would alleviate these issues:

  1. WAN Link Availability Monitoring
  2. WAN Link Performance Monitoring
  3. WAN Traffic and Utilization Monitoring

OpManager is one of the most widely used network management software products used for effective WAN monitoring. WAN link availability can be monitored with OpManager – the faulty link can be traced and the failure point can be examined even if it is within the Internet Service Provider′s (ISP) network. This WAN monitoring software is also capable of WAN Link Performance Monitoring, which measures the latency levels. Assessing latency levels will greatly help to determine if bandwidth has to be increased, since certain applications require high bandwidth utilization. The factors that determine latency are the transmission medium’s speed, transmission delays, such as those caused by routers or modems, the topology of the WAN, and the distance between the source and the destination.

Monitoring the Wide Area Network traffic and bandwidth utilization can also be done with the aid of WAN monitoring software. Although WAN needs vary pertaining to different types of businesses, the requirement for high application performance is found in just about all businesses. Employing WAN monitoring software, WAN optimization techniques, and other application delivery procedures will enable to further performance of the WANs.

Business continuity has emerged as a key area of business and it is the Internet that keeps the communication process going, and the businesses themselves. The onset of new technology has invigorated the marketplace with market leaders determining standards and directions to be adopted to keep in pace with a highly competitive global market. Many technology leaders have carved a niche market with unique strategy implemented on their product and service applications. FatPipe Networks is a most sought after technology leader as a specialist in WAN optimization solutions and the pioneer and patents holder of router clustering technology. FatPipe provides the highest levels of optimization, reliability, security and acceleration of Wide Area Networks. Its products are deployed in mission critical and highly secure WANs for redundant and fast Internet access.

WAN Monitoring appliances comprise advanced features such as automatic line failover, dynamic load balancing of IP traffic, site-to-site and unit failover capabilities, which substantially increase the efficiency of Wide Area Networks. Efficient monitoring systems constantly monitor the response time of each dataline and intelligently choose which one to send the traffic on. This saves time, and also enables maximum bandwidth utilization. Companies are able to deliver information efficiently through such WAN optimization devices and enhanced features, which drastically reduces WAN latency. Monitoring of WANs reduces the risk of disruption of vital services such as email, critical ERP applications, video conferencing, VoIP etc. This results in a robust WAN infrastructure, continuous uptime, integrity, and business continuity.