Multi WAN Failover

WAN-resource Communication technology has undergone a massive transformation, and the importance of WANs and the Internet cannot be understated. “Getting connected” is the watchword for communications, businesses, and everyday living. Companies, educational institutions, and other organizations are all dependent on the Internet to perform their respective functions. Multi Wide Area Network (WAN) connections are largely used due to its capacity to allow multiple lines from different providers and types of datalines for use based on availability and speed. In such a scenario, Multi WAN Failover becomes an important determinant to increase efficiency of businesses and guarantee business continuity. Multi WAN Failover is a concept that evolved as an outcome of increased use of Multi WAN connections. In the event of a failure or abnormal termination of a system or network component, the ensuing operation is immediately routed to a WAN connection that is up. This capability of automatically switching over to a redundant or standby system when disruption occurs is called as Failover. Multi WAN Failover is the capacity to switch over automatically to other active WAN lines when there is failure of any of the WAN lines regardless of the provider. Network outages disrupt business operations and businesses are continuously looking at different options to minimize their effect by employing various measures, including multi WAN Failover. However, it still poses a certain level of latency and other concerns such as speed and redundancy. Using appropriate devices that effectuate multi WAN Failover will significantly improve performance. Combining connections such as T3, T1, DSL, Cable, ISDN and/or Wireless connections, multi WAN connectivity is established, which when confronted with disruptions, necessitates multi WAN Failover. Fault tolerance is considered an important constituent in today′s virtual environment. Multi WAN Failover helps to continue services over the network without disruption. This calls for use of multiple redundant transmission links. Directing the inbound and outbound IP traffic to respective destinations with speed and reliability even when failure happens, is considered crucial for businesses. Multi WAN Failover assists in making the network resilient to breakdowns. Thriving businesses are always on a competitive edge, trying to capture the market by marketing their products through innovative technology offerings, which are user friendly. One of the modern driving factors is the application of the Internet. These businesses cannot afford to have downtime as it will immensely affect their productivity, revenue, and business continuity. That is why large companies have multi WAN connections with multi WAN failover capabilities so as to avoid any mishap. Continuous uptime is possible when there is multi WAN Failover and appropriate supporting devices. A technology leader, FatPipe Networks developed unique solutions that provide high levels of redundancy and availability for the WAN infrastructure and also enable maximum bandwidth utilization. FatPipe products bond any combination of T3, T1, DSL, Cable, ISDN, Wireless connections to attain aggregate speed and redundancy. Multi Wan Failover is enabled through FatPipe′s technology products. For instance, its WARP technology, when failures occur, will intelligently sense the active link and automatically failover the active traffic. The failover is automatic and the setup of these devices is simple. FatPipe products have many advanced features including automatic line failover, dynamic load balancing of IP traffic, site-to-site and unit failover capabilities, which substantially increase the efficiency of WANs. Multi WAN Failover automated with FatPipe products have a profound impact on the business continuity of companies since it ensures the highest level of redundancy, reliability, speed, fault tolerance for mission-critical applications. In the information superhighway, the need for uninterrupted Internet services in businesses and even homes becomes all the more significant. Multiple WAN connections are widely used since options like multi WAN Failover coupled with superior technology products such as those offered by FatPipe assure the efficient performance of WANs.