Firewall and WANs


Dual WAN Firewall

Increasing use and reliance on the Internet has been increasing at a very fast pace over the last few years and the trend is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. This brings about the need for a secure and reliable connection in order to keep businesses constantly operative. Reliability and security are major concerns for all businesses and a good Wide Area Network(WAN) infrastructure is one of the prime determinants of business continuity. Dual WAN Firewall is a concept that emerged out of the necessity for more redundant and secure wide area network connectivity.

WAN Firewall

The explosive growth of Internet and Wide Area Network (WAN) based applications has brought in the need for enhanced and reliable network performance. With businesses big and small conducting their business operations online, there comes an indispensable need for security over the network. Data security is a high priority due to the sensitivity of the information that is being transferred across the Internet. There are several methods that have been developed over the years to monitor and control the influx of data into internal networks known as Local Area Networks (LANs). One such well-known method is the use of a WAN Firewall, which filters incoming IP traffic.