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Importance of WANs in Business Continuity

The global network that interconnects the world has nurtured the growth of advanced technologies that have altered traditional business models. The information superhighway is distinctly marked by revolutionary changes in the methods of data or resource sharing, conducting business operations, educating, and other major facets of life. The emergence of Wide Area Networks (WANs) in a growing technological domain has impacted and fueled businesses in a massive way and has also created totally new business models. Some of the new cyber business created by this revolution includes epharmacies, eretailers, and e auction houses, to name a few. The Internet and by extension, WANs gained prominence due to its ubiquitous nature of facilitating information sharing and business management across the globe.

Wide Area Networks (WANs) encompass the globe and make use of common communication links (telephone lines, microwave links, and satellite channels) to transmit data. The technology-driven world is one of businesses constantly needing technology solutions and appliances to stand out in this competitive age. As the chief source of information transaction, a WAN is widely used and WAN redundancy is considered to be an indispensable component. WAN Redundancy is primarily a back up system over a network setting, which enables continuous -uptime, and flow in business operations

A robust WAN infrastructure is required by all businesses in order to increase application performance and thereby business continuity. A redundant WAN considerably accelerates the performance. Network traffic is increasing at a rapid pace due to the large amount of data transaction and other web-based applications. To protect against WAN failure, large enterprises need redundant and multiple WAN connections to keep their businesses continuing without interruption of any type. WAN redundancy is an imperative for enterprises to run mission critical applications over the Internet.

The spate of natural and man made disasters such as recent terrorist attacks, tsunamis, earthquakes etc have lead business to realize the importance of planning for continuity of business operations. Along with this, the need to plan recovery from disasters was a natural corollary. Business plans include these two components as they are the determinants for ensuring continuity in business operations and constant uptime, which enable high throughput, productivity and profitability in businesses.

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